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29/11/2015: Minister for Information Technology Mrs. Anusha Rehman announces special IT labs for Girls to provide technology training.       22/09/2015: MINISTER OF STATE FOR IT AND TELECOM CHAIRED 42ND BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING OF USF CO.       14/09/2015: CONTRACTS WORTH RS. 8.76 BILLION IN TOTAL AWARDED BY UNIVERSAL SERVICE FUND TO TELENOR & UFONE       10/06/2015: MINISTER OF STATE FOR IT AND TELECOM CHAIRED 39TH BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING OF USF CO.       15/05/2015: MINISTER OF IT AND TELECOM MS. ANUSHA RAHMAN CHAIRED 38TH BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING OF USF CO       25/04/2015: Federal Minister for Finance Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar approves release of funds for USF Telecentres       19/02/2015: Contract worth Rs 1.9 billion awarded by USF to Telenor       22/01/2015: Minister for IT & Telecom Ms. Anusha Rahman Chaired 37th Board of Director’s Meeting       19/11/2014: MINISTER OF STATE FOR IT AND TELECOM Ms. ANUSHA RAHMAN CHAIRED 36TH BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING       17/07/2014: Universal Service Fund disburses record amount subsidy of Rs. 4.2 Billion in FY 2013-14       18/04/2014: USF organizes Workshop on Broadband       26/03/2014: Federal Minister for Finance lauds USF Telecentre Programme       30/12/2013: Minister for IT and Telecom Ms. Anusha Rahman Chaired 33rd Board of Directors Meeting       27/12/2013: Consultative session held with telecom operators regarding establishment of Telecentres       24/12/2013: USF awards contracts to provide broadband services in RTR and NTR-1       09/12/2013: Telecenters would be established to provide E-services to unprivileged people of rural areas: Ms. Anusha Rahman, Minister of State for IT       28/11/2013: Minister of State for IT, Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan paid a surprise visit to the Fiber Optic Route of Chirah-Lehtrar-Kotli Sattian here on Thursday.       23/10/2013: Minister of State for IT & Telecom Chairs Meeting Regarding Telecenters       18/09/2013: Minister of State for IT and Telecom Chaired 32nd Board of Director’s Meeting       12/07/2013: Achievements of USF       05/07/2013: Minister of State for Information Technology Ms Anusha Rahman Khan while chairing a board meeting of Universal Service Fund       20/05/2013: USF celebrates World Telecom and Information Society Day 2013       11/04/2013: The Minister of IT visits Universal Service Fund.      
Tender No: USF/RTeS/Consrv/2015/01, For hiring of the Professional Consulting Firms to Conduct Surveys relaunched More
....................................................... Tender No: USF/TDRS/2015/55, Revamping the look of USF Website, developing Urdu Version & its maintenance More
....................................................... Tender # USF/TDRS/2015/56, Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Hiring the Services of Travel Agent More
....................................................... Tender No: USF/TDRS/2015/54, TENDER FOR SUPPLY OF FURNITURE/FIXTURE ITEMS TO USF OFFICE More
....................................................... Tender ID: USF/TDRS-HR/SK/2015/01Provision of Medical Insurance Service for the employees of Universal Service Fund More
....................................................... TENDER ID: USF/TDRS/2015/53 TENDER FOR SUPPLY OF STATIONERIES AND OTHER MISCELLANEOUS STORE ITEMS More

Rural Telecom Program

Broadband Program

Optic Fiber Program

Special Projects

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