Kharan-Washuk Lot includes Kharan and Washuk districts. This Lot shares borders with Kalat and Khuzdar Districts in the East, Chagai in the West, Noshki and Chagai in the North and Awaran and Panjgoor Districts in the South.

Washuk District was once part of Kharan District in Balochistan province. It was declared a separate district in 2007, but its governance issues are largely managed by Kharan's district administration. The area is mostly inhibited by a nomadic or semi-nomadic population, who camps with their flocks of sheep and moves with the seasons to find pasture. The area is generally barren desert and mountainous.

Auction Summary:


Lot ID:

BSD/Lot23-Kharan-Washuk/ 2016


Advertised On:

28th October 2016


Bidders Registered:

1.  Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (Ufone)

2.  Telenor Pakistan Pvt. Ltd



Opening of Qualification & Services Proposals:

M/s PTML and Telenor submitted the Qualification & Services and Subsidy Proposals on 15th February 2017.


Qualification & Services proposals were opened on the same day.

Financial Bid Opening of Technically Qualified Bidders:

Both bidders were declared Technically Qualified and Subsidy Proposals were opened on 3rd March 2017. Subsidy requested is as follows;


                   PTML Capex Subsidy:                    Pak Rs. 1,165,000,000/-
                   PTML Opex Subsidy:                           Pak Rs. 19,999,000/-


                   Telenor Capex Subsidy:                  Pak Rs. 3,179,438,489/-
                   Telenor Opex Subsidy:                       Pak Rs. 136,718.945/-





M/s Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (Ufone) was declared as the lowest qualified bidder and contract, worth Pak Rs. 1,184,999,000/-, was signed with PTML on 31st May 2017.


    Current Status

Contract has been signed with M/s Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (Ufone)       

Technical Audit Offer Date Audit Start Date Audit Completion Date
TA Milestone of 1 (25% Work) 19-Dec-2017 05-Jan-2018 23-Jan-2018
TA Milestone of 2 (50% Work)  23-Apr-18  10-Sep-18  01-Oct-18
TA Milestone of 3 (75% Work)  25-Feb-2019  23-Apr-2019  10-May-2019
TA Milestone of 4 (100% Work)  28-May-2019  16-june-2019  18-Jun-2019



   PCOs Telecenters
 Contracted Covered Audited Contracted Covered Audited  Contracted Covered  Audited
 289 224 224