With the proliferation of enabling apps and digital platforms, user behavior has shifted from voice and data centric to app centric. This requires networks to deliver seamless app coverage with optimum end to end performance, thus necessitating high capacity backhaul and deep Fiberization.

To meet high speed and reliability demands, provision of seamless access to digital platforms and thus open up access to e-services, USF has initiated Next Generation Optical Fiber Network & Services Program. This will enable Union Councils and small Towns to have backhaul connectivity thus supporting high data rate/volume clients such as Telecom Companies, Public and Private Sector Institutions and Individual Consumers.

The program is based on the concept of “One Net, One Node - Universal Services”. It will provision:


  •  A minimum of 48 Fibers supporting DWDM
  • At least 6 Pairs of OFC reserved for Provision of Dark Fiber. One pair out of 6 to be reserved for Defense Services.
  • A minimum switching capacity of 100G per node.
  • FE/GE Interfaces for Telecom Site/Node Backhaul.
  • Passive Optical Network (PON) capability with min 128 Fibers to provide Passive Optical connectivity to High Value Users

Disclaimer: The data provided in this website is an indicative data, collected and displayed for an internal consumption & utilization by USF itself, hence not pursuant to any applicable regulations. Besides this data is also subject to frequent changes as USF is embarked upon fast track digitalization of under-served and un-served areas of Pakistan.