NG-BSD Swabi Lot aims to provide coverage to Unserved/Underserved mauzas in the districts of Charsadda, Mardan, Nowshera and Swabi. A total of 70 mauzas are to be provided Broadband Internet Services. Out of these, 5 mauzas are unserved with regards to voice telephony services and hence will be provided both Voice as well as Broadband Internet Services, whereas 65 underserved mauzas are being targeted for provision of Broadband Internet Services. 
Universal Service Fund and Telenor Pakistan entered in the contract to provide basic telephony and data services to the mass population in un/under-served areas of NG-BSD Swabi Lot on 30th April 2021.
Package ID: 
Advertised On:
  12th July 2020
Bidders Registered:
1.      CMPak Ltd.
2.      Pak Telecom Mobile Limited.
3.      Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited.
4.      Telenor Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.
Opening of Qualification & Services Proposals:
Following registered bidder submitted the Qualification & Services and Subsidy Proposals on 23rd Nov 2020:           
1.      Telenor Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.
2.      Pak Telecom Mobile Limited
Financial Bid Opening of Technically Qualified Bidders:
Following bidders were declared Technically Qualified and Financial Bid was opened on 3rd December 2020. Subsidy requested is as follows:
1-     Telenor
Rs. 555,000,000/-
2-     PTML
Rs. 738,480,000/-
Telenor was declared as the lowest qualified bidder and contract, worth Pak Rupees 555,000,000/- was signed with Telenor on 30th April 2021.