Auction Details:


Package ID: 
OFC-UC-PB-Lot 07
Advertised On:
  12th July 2020
Bidders Registered:
1.  LinkdotNet Telecom Ltd.
2.  Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)
3.  Nayatel (Pvt) Ltd.
4.  CMPak Ltd. 
5. Pak Datacom Ltd.
Opening of Qualification & Services Proposals:
Following registered bidders submitted the Qualification & Services and Subsidy Proposals on 18th March 2021:           
             1.    Nayatel (Pvt) Ltd.
2.  Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)
Financial Bid Opening of Technically Qualified Bidders:
Nayatel & PTCL were declared Technically Qualified and Financial Bid was opened on 8th April 2021. Subsidy requested is as follows:
1-     Nayatel  
Rs. 1,458,000,000/-
2-     PTCL
Rs. 950,000,000/-
PTCL was declared as the lowest qualified bidder and contract, worth Pak Rs. 950,000,000/-, was signed with PTCL on 19th July 2021.