This project targets 31 unserved Union Councils/Towns in the district of Mianwali with an unserved population of 786,788. Universal Service Fund and PTCL entered in the contract to connect the unserved Union Councils/Towns on December 22, 2021.

Auction Details:

Package ID: 


Advertised On:

  8th July 2021

Bidders Registered:

1.      LinkdotNet Telecom Ltd.

2.      Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)

3.      Wateen Telecom Ltd.

4.      CMPAK (Pvt) Ltd.

5.      NAYATEL Private Limited.

6.      Cyber Internet Services Pvt Ltd.

Opening of Qualification & Services Proposals:


Following registered bidders submitted the Qualification & Services and Subsidy Proposals on 21st October 2021:           

1.      Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)

2.      NAYATEL Private Limited.

Financial Bid Opening of Technically Qualified Bidders:


PTCL and NAYATEL were declared Technically Qualified and Financial Bids were opened on 3rd November 2021. Subsidy requested is as follows:

 1- PTCL   

Rs. 614,000,000/-

 2- NAYATEL   

Rs. 1,480,000,000/-


PTCL was declared as the lowest qualified bidder and contract, worth Pak Rs. 614,000,000/-, was signed with PTCL on 22nd December 2021.