• Preamble


    Telemedicine uses Information Technology to help medical professionals diagnose and treat patients who are at a geographically different location. By transmitting live or stored data, voice and video, these solutions allow people to interact and share information as freely and naturally as if they were there. This transfer of medical data utilizes a variety of telecommunication technologies. 



    USF intends to establish a Special Project to set-up a Pilot Telemedicine (TM) network at 3 hubs and 12 remote sites in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Health. Through this project, USF aims to demonstrate that the Optic Fibre and the Broadband Networks can be used for providing health care facilities without any further addition in the telecommunications part. Telemedicine centers will be set up for provision of following consultation services:
    a)    General 
    b)    Cardiology (Heart)
    c)    Dermatology (Skin)
    d)    ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)
    e)    Radiology (X-Ray)
    f)    Gynecology



    The project will be carried out at 15 locations. There will be 3 main hospitals as hubs and 12 remote sites. Each main hospital will be connected to 4 remote sites (see Figure 1). The hospitals have been selected in consultation with Federal Ministry of Health. Following hospitals and remote sites shall be connected under this project:

    a.    Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) - Karachi

    i.     DHQ Badin
    ii.    DHQ Thatta
    iii.   DHQ Dadu 
    iv.   DHQ Nowshehro Feroze.

    b.    Holy Family Hospital - Rawalpindi

    i.      DHQ Chakwal, 
    ii.     THQ Talagang
    iii.    THQ Murree
    iv.     Rural Health Centre (RHC) - Domail (Basaal).

    c.    Nishtar Medical Hospital-Multan

    i.     DHQ Vehari
    ii.    DHQ Khanewal
    iii.   DHQ Lodhran
    iv.   DHQ Muzaffargarh


    Auction Detail:


    Region ID:     
    Advertised On:
    11th January 2010
    Bidders Registered:    

    1 Comcept (Pvt.) Ltd 

    2  Comm Tel System


    4    Diallog Broadband (Pvt.) Ltd.

    5    DLP (Pvt.) Ltd.

    6    e-health Services (Pvt.) Ltd.
    7    GTE (SMC- OVT) Ltd.
    8    Makkays

    9    Mohammad Ali Shaikh
    10    National Engineers
    11    NetSol Technologies Ltd.
    12    Oratier Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.
    13    Ovex Technologies Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
    14    Pakistan Institute of human Rights
    15    Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited
    16    People Logic Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
    17    Satcomm (Pvt.) Ltd.
    18    Sybird (Pvt.) Ltd. + Cyber Internet Services (Pvt.) Ltd.

    19    Symbia Pvt. Ltd.
    20    Telecom Engineering and Consultancy House (Pvt.) Ltd. (TEACH)

    21    Telesehat (Pvt.) Ltd.

    22    The Right Connection (Pvt.) Ltd.

    23    Wateen Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.

    24    Wateen Telecom

    Opening of Qualification 
    & Services Proposals:

    Technical and Financial proposals were received on 11th February 2010 from 
     following 10 registered bidders;

    1.    Comcept (Pvt.) Ltd.

    2.    Comm Tel Systems

    3.    Diallog Broadband (Pvt.) Ltd.

    4.    e-health Services (Pvt.) Ltd.

    5.    GTE (SMC- OVT) Ltd.

    6.    IBM Pakistan

    7.    National Engineers

    8.    Oratier Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.

    9.    Symbia Pvt. Ltd.

    10.    The Right Connection (Pvt.) Ltd.

    Financial Bid Opening 
    of Technically Qualified 
    IBM and Oratier were declared Technically Qualified and their Financial Bids 
         were opened on 30th March 2010.  M/s Oratier is the lowest qualified bidder  and the contract signing will be carried out after the  approval of the Board.
    The contract worth Rs. 59 Million was signed with M/S Oratier Technologies to setup telemedicine networks around Rawalpindi,  Karachi and Multan, using the already deployed Broadband networks.

     Current Status

    The project is successfully completed.



     Pilot Project

     Completed Networks

     Audited Networks

     Contracted Networks






    Technical Audit

    Offer Date

    Audit Start Date

    Audit Completion Date

    TA of Milestone 1 (15% work)




    TA of Milestone 2 (50% work)




    TA of Milestone 3 (20% work)




    TA of Milestone 4 (10% work)




    TA of Milestone 5 (05% work)





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